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Introducing EVEE C1

 Revolutionizing the transport industry in Pakistan. We are proud to offer a high-quality, reliable, and convenient transportation solution that is perfect for a wide range of needs.

Unmatched Features

Choose your Preference

Choose from three distinct colors that reflects your personality. evee C1 is available in three colors: Midnight Blue, Ruby Red and Ivory White.

Compact but Powerful

The overall size of evee C1 is 1860 x 780 x 1160 mm, making it compact and easy to manoeuvre while still offering plenty of space for passengers and 150 kg of cargo space

Powerful Motor

The motor on evee C1 has 1200w, providing plenty of power  and torque for a smooth and efficient ride. The motor magnet on evee C1 provides strong and reliable performance.


evee C1 is packed with features to make your ride more convenient and enjoyable, including an anti-theft alarm, front LED headlight, 1/2/3 shift gear speed modes, reverse running system, one button repair, remote key, passenger footrest, tubeless tyres, dimmer light, foot mat, and the latest technology.


The controller on evee is a 12-tube vector controller, ensuring smooth and precise control of the motor.

Comfortable on Road

evee C1 is fitted with 90/90-10 tires, providing excellent grip and handling with disc brakes for reliable stopping power. evee C1 is equipped with hydraulic shock absorbers for a smooth and comfortable ride.


evee C1 is equipped with 72V, 20ah graphene acid battery and it takes approximately 6 hours to fully charge. The range of evee C1 is 90 Km on a single charge, providing plenty of distance for a full day’s worth of travel with a max speed of 55-60 Kph.

Loading Capacity

evee C1 has a loading capacity of 150 kg, allowing you to carry plenty of cargo.